Who we are


In 1974, Luther Reynolds and community members decided that the need for a fire service in the community was needed. Initially crafted with a Hose Company and a single apparatus, the Department ranks grew and remained an all-volunteer department until the election of a full-time Chief in 2005.

Combination Status

Once the City elected a Fire Chief to serve as the Head of Department, the Morgan's Point Resort Volunteer Fire Department switched status from All-Volunteer to combination, with only one full-time paid staff, and the rest volunteers. The Head of Department and the Volunteers worked together to provide excellent service to our community through partnership and support.

Organization of the ASSOCIATION

The Association formed in 2010 with the mission of supporting the Firefighting, EMS, and Boat Rescue activities of the City of Morgan's Point Resort and Bell County. Our Association has grown to develop our relationship with the City and the Fire Department in order to advocate and support the Volunteer and the Citizens in the Fire Department's service district.


The Morgan's Point Resort Volunteer Firefighter's Association has dedicated its existence to serve the Volunteer and the Citizens. 100% of our efforts in funding and advocacy go into these two ventures. These efforts from our fund-raising and our outreach has greatly improved our Firefighter's ability to respond with the confidence that the only thing they need to worry about is the protection of the Citizens.