Advocacy & Fundraising

Advocacy efforts

The Association has clear open lines of communication directly to the Chief of Department for any concerns or compliments that directly affect the Volunteer. The Chief attends every General Meeting and is given the opportunity to address the General Membership on Department Status, Response Concerns, and anything deemed necessary to address to the Association. Further, our President and the Chief meet regularly Formally and informally to discuss any Executive-Level issues or praises, including how the Volunteer affects local hazard reduction and public protection.


In turn, the Chief affirms his (or her) commitment in training and equipping the Volunteer with the latest and available to make their response that much more effective. Our return Commitment to him (or her) is to provide the ability to request support or funding to sustain this initiative in a well-organized partnership between the two entities. contributed efforts on both sides result in the Volunteer and the Citizen to be the best supported and protected as possible. This is easily tangible with one trip to the Station. The Well-Equipped Volunteer can safely respond to any hazard they are called to with the proper equipment and training to conduct business on the Citizen's behalf.


The Association participates in multiple rounds of Fundraising activities to have a ready reserve of funding to support the Volunteer and the Department in their Life-Saving mission. We run an annual Letter Drive via direct mailing to create outreach and funding resource for the Volunteers. We also run a quarterly Pancake Breakfast or fundraiser dedicated to supporting a function or outreach program the Board of Directors selects to support. 

Outside contribution

We also are well-connected with other Non-Profits in the local community to support our functions and each other. We Currently are in partnership with the Ladies' Auxiliary and MPR C.O.P.S. to create a joint front in supporting Emergency Response in the community.