Donate Here

Donation of monetary resources

We have partnered with the PayPal Giving Fund, allowing you to digitally send donations over the internet to support our mission. You can easily provide any amount of financial support at

Submission through mail

If you would like to submit a cash or check donation, you can provide this through the mail at the following address:

Morgan's Point Resort Volunteer Firefighter's Association

ATTN: Treasurer

6 Lake Forest

MPR, TX 76513

Donation of Non-monetary Resources

The Association is always open to consider donations of any type. Examples of non-monetary status include:

  • Firefighting Equipment

  • Tools for Building and Maintenance

  • Baskets or goodie bags for the Volunteers

  • Land or Property for training or ownership

  • Building materials for props and repairs

  • Any other transferrable items or services

Please contact to have you donation reviewed by our Board of Directors.